Thank you for coming to visit our site. This site has been generated by my love of Parrots, the Parrots willingness to teach me about their needs and the desire to share my knowledge with anyone that needs help or advice.

My name is Gizmo and I am your guide to this website. You will find information on holistic medicine, medical(veterinary)treatment and of course, behavioural and psychological treatment for my feathered friends.

There are loads of articles that you can read and learn so much about us, start with how to buy Adderall online.




Please note that we are not part of We are only part of They are two different organisations. has been the oldest Parrot organisation for many years and Candie Bradley is well known and very respected amongst the community and the vets. She has helped thousands of parrots to be rehomed and nursed them when they were ill(rehabilitation)

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